Read Publication and Distribution (READ), Nepal is an organization with an aim to service the education sector in promoting education and addressing the need of people across the country. At present READ is making a shift from traditional/conventional education to technology-based education supplying ICT integrated learning materials.

Learners of today are NetGeners who do not want to memorize but want to search. Students’ ability to learn what they need for tomorrow is more important than what they know today. Philosophically, this pedagogy is shifted to connectivism of George Siemens which is one click away.

Therefore, READ has started different approach in publication and training programme designed to meet to needs of Information Technology integrated learning resources and support training/workshop for academic professionals in the nation.

The objectives of READ are as follows

  1. To provide training/workshop to ensure skilled and qualified instructors/teachers for Information Communication Technology Education./li>
  2. To produce text books to ensure competent and confident users with the content skills
  3. To help learners to have rich digital contents of different subject concepts/li>